Size Table, Hat Land

The following table provides a list of the main sizes sold in the UK - starting with young babies and all the way through to Adult XL.

CMInchesDescriptionUK sizeUS sizeAge group
43cm17 inches3-6 Monthsn/an/aBaby
45cm17 3/4 inches6-12 Monthsn/an/aBaby
47cm18 1/2 inches12-18 Monthsn/an/aToddler
49cm19 1/4 inches1-2 Yearsn/an/aToddler
51cm19 7/8 inches2-4 Years6 1/46 3/8Young Child
53cm20 3/4 inchesXS (5-7 Years)6 1/26 5/8Child
55cm21 5/8 inchesSmall (6+ Years to Small Adult)6 3/46 7/8Child/Teen/Adult
57cm22 1/2 inchesMedium77 1/8Adult
59cm23 1/4 inchesLarge7 1/47 3/8Adult
61cm24 inchesXL7 1/27 5/8Adult

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